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Monday, July 30, 2007

Also, very important change

The biggest change (that I completely forgot about) is the brand new HP curve on the attackers.  As was mentioned on the forum before the rate at which the attackers get harder has been very heavily adjusted.  They are harder for the first 110 waves, then they get harder at a rate that roughly keeps pace with the amount of damage that you can afford to buy, based on the cash.  

There's some complicated maths involved but I hope it all balances out, and should result ina more playable game for new and experienced players.

Also, it means you can make it to the new weapons :) 


Wee Nam said...

I would blame you for the loss of productivity but that's my cross to bear! Thanks for a great game and congratulations on winning the monthly prize.

Steve said...

This is a great game however I am finding this new change just makes the game too difficult to play.

It is probably suited to the elite players but someone who would be playing the game for the first tim would find it difficult to progress.

Just my thoughts.

Pieter said...

I used to love playing onslaught... but who's briliant idea was it to make it so much harder to play all of a sudden. Goodbye fun :-(

TJ said...
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TJ said...

it is very official, the game is now unplayable.


Patrick said...

the key is to only build up one set of 3 ... pick your favorite combo weapon and only modify those turrets. if you can make it past 50 or so, you're golden.

I used to send 3-5 waves at once, but you really cannot do that now.

I just made it to level 345 - my previous best on the old version was level 159

sweet new weapons, btw

Patrick said...

also please update the combos page and the weapons page. I would like to know the specs on the two new weapons

I second the question - are there combos with the new weapons? and what are the new yellow turret combos?

I suppose they don't really need help, but why are the new ones not compatible with modifier turrets?

Rno said...

I like the changes. I can't get laserchains working (too lazy). Which means the changes for me mean that the game is less tedious the first 100 waves, and doesnt sudden-death at me at around wave 140-150. Have their been changes to how black holes work? For they feel like cheating...

Justin said...

I LOVE the new version. It makes the game MILES better. Nice work, fella!