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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Version Released

I've finally bitten a bullet and decided that it's time to put the new version up. Most notable changes are:
  • Sound!
  • Numerous efficiency enhancements
  • Several bug fixes
  • Targetting mode selection (click on a turret and press T)
  • Target lock selection (click on a turret and press L)
  • Slightly updated game stats panel
  • Share your custom maps and play other people's shared maps too
  • 'Send next wave immediately' functionality now works!
  • Attacker focus, which focuses all turrets in range onto one attacker (press F then click on an attacker)
And probably a whole other pile of things that I've just forgotten about as I've been working on this for a while now...

So far it's on the main site, and I'm talking to about the multi-file nature of it. It'll be up on within the hour too so new sounds for all! Yay!

Update: As usual there's a few glitches when uploading a seriously altered version, and this one was to do with the way sound was loading. I think I've fixed the issue now so it ought to be loading sound from the proper place, which will in turn make the game load. Sorry about that folks!

So, make sure you clear your browser cache and check that you're running version 1084-noise, that's the version that works.

Update 2: Other major glitch found where things just suddenly stopped working after a certain combo was triggered. I think I've found the culprit and fixed it. The latest working version is 1085-noise, ensure you're running that one before submitting a bug report.

I've also tweaked the main site to makes sure it always always loads the latest version of the game when you visit it, by adding the time in seconds to the end of the game file it loads. You can't see it in practice but it's called 'cache busting', a technique to get round browser cacheing.


Simon said...

Playing it now, awesome!

Thank you!

Jonathan said...

any plans to implement holding patterns or area of effect weapons?

i enjoyed the sounds and targetting, btw. nice work

Gaby said...

Holding patterns does work, there's just no information for it to display in the holding info panel.

AoE weapons, certainly at some point in the future. I have a couple more turret ideas as well.

Pieter said...

Hey guys, just a couple of minutes ago I was playing the game and when I pressed space to get the next wave, the selected turret was sold. I didn't like that, hopefully you can imagine that.

Good luck fixing the bug. Greetings,

Oyacren said...

nice sound improvement,only one thing: u can't anymore build on the bottom left corner of the map because of the bloody sound on/off icon! :/ the best solution that i can figure,is to integrate it to the bottom menu. and one more thing,u might want to consider giving us a more than 20secs of wave spacing,just for experimental purposes. GREAT game,keep up the great work!

bob said...

Keep up the good work.

Sylvestre said...


I think that some bugs are still there on the combos. Some of my nukes explode, though they do not make any damage (at wave ~150, that seems odd).

Good luck fixing the bug, this is a great game :-)

Antibodee said...

whats with the new tower, i see no mention of it. it appears to do no dmg, and is upgradable dmg rng and rte..?? What gives, awesome job btw

DailyDols said...

I would love to see a binary version of the game, compiled for windows and/or linux.
Surely this would increase gameplay performance.

I always get pissed, because on my maschine (Barton 2500+ in Opera 9.x) the game gets unplayable at level 400+ due to the high amount of needed turrets and stuff.
Propably this would be much different in a non-flash version.

Wouldn't it be an idea to port the game to OpenGL/DirectX and/or X11?

Plus, it would enhance the whole project's idea.


DailyDols said...

When it comes to porting the engine to a 2D-OpenGL engine, I would like to join the team.

I love the "casual game" style:
Simple principles, but a lot of fun!
Not everybody needs a CryTech engine ;-)