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Thursday, November 08, 2007

More bug fixes

Some more bug fixes:
  • Shockwave no longer continues when paused
  • Napalm works properly through a pause situation
  • Multiple combonly towers from one set of turrets, should be fixed.

As with all new updates, I've cleared the play cache and uploaded a new version. Have a test please!


Griffer said...

Hi Gaby,

Any chance the beta will be out in the wild soon? For as far as I know, there aren't any game-changing bugs around.

chris said...

well i dont know about anyone else but is the railgun new? I havent seen anything on it yet but i have 4 of them going...

w3 said...

chris i have a youtube vid of railgun pwnage, on youtube search for onslaughtt yes with 2 t's

Waynester said...

I declare myself the permanent victor over the game.

After 4508 kills, I could not kill any more foes with normal weapons, but a single well-placed black hole combo (3 yellows, 1 green) was neutralizing all advancing foes at the far end of the default map.

(I had a long corridor of 12 yellows and +rate enhancers to slow things down at the start of the map)

I began moving +rates out of the way to make more black hole combos up front.

It worked. I had 3 in a row on the top side of the entry way, and 6 yellows beneath.

So, 15 total yellows, 3 greens, some +rates (all with max range), and soon I was at the point where every incoming group of 10 was first slowed, then 1 or 2 black holes generated, and they were all gone.

I'd had to sell my 12+ railguns to afford this, since with no incoming money, I was down to $700 or so, but the maxed guns sold for 380k each, and I could afford my plan.

I got to wave 569 (that's 1000+ foes destroyed for no kill credit or money) before I decided I was the permanent winner. My remaining damaging units could not bring any one unit below 90, even when I had the railguns.

Onslaught2 is a fun game, but in the end, black holes are merely a stalling tactic, and are perhaps too good at it, since I could have let the game run as long as I wanted to, as black holes destroy all foes regardless of HP.

Rimmer said...

Using black holes is no victory at all. You get no money for 'removing' them with a black hole.

Is this the place to post such a comment? there are forums for this type of thing.

John said...

this might not be the place to post this, but i'm not really certain where to, if not...

I think that the "hard" is a lot harder than "extreme". for instance... i opened up two games side by side... one on "hard" and one on "extreme". I placed a single blue turret and upgraded only damage... i not destroying targets on the first shot before i got level 20 (after upgrading damage as soon as i had the money)... yet on "extreme" i made it much farther... i am on level 38 and have built a second turret.. .with no problems.. but i cn't seem to get to level 30 on "hard"... what is the deal?

Kars_T said...

Hi there! Are you still alive? Over two months and no news? We at towerdefensehq love onslaught and give you best wishes that everything is fine and buiseness running well!