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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Directional Targeting: In Pictures

The newest feature of the game is Directional Targeting, which allows turrets to only pick new targets that are within a certain field of fire. Normally turrets will pick any target that is within their range, which is represented by a green circle around the turret:

To enable directional targeting, simply select the turret and press D to enable it. The range indicator will change from a circle to a wedge:

The wedge is lined up facing towards the mouse cursor. This turret will now only attack creeps that enter the green area. Once they carry on down the road, out of the green area, the turret will then ignore them. Currently this is set to a fairly wide field of fire. Pressing D again will narrow the range further:

Notice how it always aligns the wedge towards the mouse cursor. Pressing D again gives a very tight field of fire:

Pressing D once more will set the targeting mode back to normal, as shown in the first picture. To re-align the field of fire to a different direction without turning directional targeting off or changing the size of the angle, simply press Shift-D and the direction will point towards the cursor again:

To recap, press D to cycle through the directional modes (wide, medium, narrow, normal) and Shift-D to re-orient the angle towards the cursor.