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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Loading Problems

This is to help people who are having problems loading the game. Every now and again I get lots of messages in my inbox from people who are going to play the game on the main site ( but the game doesn't load. The page loads fine but the actual game fails to load.

To explain, the page itself is hosted on my machine, the fact that the page is loading means your connection to my server is fine. The game SWF file (the actual game) is held on MochiAds' servers. Things are done this way because the game file is quite large and I can't afford all bandwidth costs of hosting the game on my server, Mochi kindly offer to host game files for developers for just this reason.

Occasionally the game file fails to load, for reasons unknown.  This could be because of ad blocking software or a random network issue, but in any case you can try accessing the game file directly:

Which seems to work fine in the event that the game doesn't load on the page.  Mochi are quite proactive about any problems with their network so these issues are usually temporary.

I have also added a few extra links onto the main pages; one to the Mochi hosted version of the game, one to a local copy, one to the game file itself and one to this blog posting for informational purposes.



Bob Ippolito said...


I'm almost certain that this is not a server-side issue, since we use a high quality CDN (content distribution network) to distribute the games from redundant servers all over the world. This is almost certainly explained by people using ad blocking software that blocks all content from * There's not much we can do about that...

Bob Ippolito
CTO, Mochi Media

Michael M said...

I'm also pretty sure it's an ad-blocking problem. I use ad-blocking software and the third link is the only one that works for me.

Dj said...

One of the pages work.. but i'm woindering why the things i unlocked aren't unlocked..
and why i can't unlock anything further.