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Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming Keyboard Changes

There will be some slightly different keyboard shortcuts in the upcoming version, tuned to make better use of the keys. The ones that are changing are the shortcuts for building turrets quickly. In the current version, there seems to be a fairly odd order of keyboard shortcuts, and some of the turrets don't have shortcuts for them at all. I've made some changes now so that the keyboard shortcuts are relative to the order that the turrets are unlocked in, and every turret has it's own shortcut.

These will be the new keyboard shortcuts, once the current beta preview has been published:
  • 1: Build a Cannon turret
  • 2: Build a Laser turret
  • 3: Build a Rocket turret
  • 4: Build a Tazer turret
  • 5: Build a range-up turret
  • 6: Build a damage-up turret
  • 7: Build a rate-exchange turret
  • 8: Build a range-exchange turret
  • Shift-1: Build a rate-up turret
  • Shift-2: Build a high-damage-up turret
  • Shift-3: Build a high-damage-up-exchange turret
  • Shift-4: Build a Targeter turret
  • Shift-5: Build a Sniper turret
  • Shift-6: Build a Fusion turret
  • Shift-7: Build a Railgun turret
  • Shift-8: Build a Combonly turret
The main rationale is to give every turret a keyboard shortcut and to have the order of the keyboard shortcuts reflect the order in which the turrets become available. I think it simplifies things but I'm open to any suggestions to make it better.

Apologies to Eli, you may have to update The FAQ :)



DrJKL said...
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DrJKL said...

Might I recommend that, since there are at this time the same number of functional turrets as there are modifier turrets, that the functional turrets be given the number, and the modifier turrets be assigned the modified number (I.E. Shift+1)
This seems to fit better as it creates and separates the categories.

Gaby said...

I did consider that as a possibility, I also considered making the shift-key versions the exchanger versions of some turrets, but there's not enough of them to warrant that. There is also less of a logical sequence in the classes of turret, about the only ordering they have is the order in which they are unlocked, which is the same throughout every game type and mode.

TheMarsVolta said...

As a "chainer" I suggest also using 9 (for rate-up turret). This way the high-damage-up-exchange turret will get Shift+2. (The second most used shortcut for me when building chains)
This means only adding the shift key to the already much used laser shortcut.
No biggie, but a nice touch if implemented