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Monday, October 27, 2008

Theme rollout to Onslaught

The new and delightful playr theme has now been rolled out to the Onslaught site. I think I've found all the pages that use it but I'm almost certain to have missed once or two, which I'm sure I'll find in due course.

If there's any glaring rendering issues or CSS bugs, please drop me a comment here.  I think it all looks lovely now, and reasonably consistent across the rest of the playr games too :)

In other news, now the rebranding is almost complete I can start working on getting my current project out the door.  News shortly!



Griffer said...

It seems that some high scores were deleted. Was this accidentally? Because I notice some legit scores has disappeared as well.

Gaby said...

Er yes, some scores have gone away. My bad... :(