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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drawing is losing in Zilch

If the compuer gets 10500 points and triggers the final round, and you then match their score at 10500 points, this is not a win for you.  In the final round you get one more turn to *beat* your opponents score.  Getting exactly the same score as them is not beating it, it's just tieing it.

In order to win you need to have more points than your opponent.


Mike said...

Here's what I don't get: I just had a game where the computer went first. I got to 10K first with a lead of 3K or so. The computer then came back (by getting four consecutive "free rolls", but as it's random, I'm not upset about that) to beat me by 150.

Why is it that the computer got one more chance to beat me, but after taking the lead, I didn't get one last chance to beat it despite having one less turn? If I went second, and the CPU comes back, shouldn't it be like baseball, where I still get my "last ups", as it were?

Gaby said...

The second place player gets one more chance to beat the winner. If the CPU gets to 10000 first then you get a chance to beat it's score, it works both ways.

Andrew said...

Part of Zilch's non-obvious strategy seems to be that you use your last turn to blow away the 2nd player, because they will always have one more turn than you and nothing to lose on that turn.

Andrew said...

It also seems that there's a first person advantage, which is always bad in multiplayer games.

If the 1st player reaches 10,000 first, then the 2nd player has their normal turn to beat it. If the 2nd player reaches 10,000 first then the 1st player gets an extra turn to respond.

1st player 10k first:
1p turns: n
2p turns: n

2nd player 10k first:
2p turns: n
1p turns: n+1

JenBrown said...
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Jen said...

I feel kind of silly complaining about this, but I noticed the same thing as Mike and Andrew. Usually, when you play turn based multiplayer games, each player gets the same number of turns, regardless of whether you go first or second. In this game, that's not the case. Is it designed that way on purpose?

Thomas Whitaker said...

I came across this game last week via metafilter. I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU. I love this game.

Khorps said...

On your last turn, the target amount should be 50 points higher than the computer's score. If you score exactly the target amount, you still lose.

Sara Reid said...

Congrats on the new blog! I would love to enjoy Zilch any time. I am sure Zilch really loved being in touch with the audience and speaking and spitting out around.

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