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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sneak peek: Multiplayer

And here's another little sneak peak of a UI change.  Can you see what it is?

That's right, the roll button is transparent.  And there's a tiny little iconised menu at the foot of the screen as well.  I was fed up with the nasty menus that I had, thought I'd try out my paltry artistic skillz.  Ah well, at least it's in keeping with the hand-scrawled feel of the game :)


Lucio said...

First of all, i'm loving this game! So thanks a lot for working on it.

As i read you are working on a new version, i've a couple of suggestions:

First of all, a turn counter would be really useful (you know, in order to get the time lord award and similar).

Second, i've noticed that by quitting when one is losing or has zilched, it is really easy to get a lot oh tough awards, like the 5 no zilch wins. I'll regret for having written this, but quitting should mean loosing!

Last, in the tutorial mode it's written, when a player reaches 10000 pts, "each player has now one more roll to try and beat the current top score". That's not true, just the loosing player (or players, for future multi-player versions) has a last chance! So i think you should either change the rules or the message


Gaby said...

A reasonable suggestion, thanks!

Franks said...

Hi Gaby!

Your game is very nice. I played it in my childhood with my parents but with modified rules.

I am little addited to the game and getting the award (I have a challenge with a firend of mine) so i want to ask if you have a list of all awards and how to get them. The most awards are self-explanatory, but some not.
Would be very happy :-)

best regards

Lucio said...

complete awards list

badvanilla said...

Hi and congrats for such a great game. I can't wait to see the new improvements.

Like many other players I'm a zilch addict, which is why I tend to think you should try and sell it to casinos... ;-)

one quick suggestion if I may : when starting a game against one of the cpu's, the 'decide button' to see who will start the game seems to be one useless click, why not make an automatic decision ? Wouldn't it also come in handy for multiplayers games ?

one more thing : I desperately tried to install the game on my windows mobile phone just in case. I didn't work. So, if you intend to release the game for mobile phones, I'd be one of the first buyers!