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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Upcoming version sneak peek

Here's a little graphic that shows a working version of Zilch that I have in progress. I have it set to play 3 CPU players against each other to a million points, just to see what would happen:

There will be a few changes to the dice graphics and as you can see all the player's scores are now visible at the same time.  Support has always been there for an arbitrary number of players, I hope to be able to extend the UI to let you play with more than 2 people.

The main changes are under the hood; all the game logic has been separated from the game controller.  The problem with just trying to build a game means that in the rush to get it built you don't really think about what should go where.  At some point you need to add a new feature (multiplayer support, for example) and everything suddenly gets very complicated.  I hit this point last week and I've spent the last 4 days refactoring everything to be much cleaner, simpler, more event driven and vastly less complex.  The upshot of this will be that it will turn the multiplayer integration from a nightmare to merely a complicated problem.  Sweet.

So, at some point soon multiplayer gaming will be ready to rock.  I'll put some screen shots of that up when I finally get my sanity back :)


Griffer said...

What was the outcome of the 1.000.000 point thing? Who won? Will be able to do the same? Looks great!

Gaby said...

It hit a bug around 168,000 and jammed up. Depressingly, the scores were all within about 15000 of each other, with reckless leading.

Note to self, need to work more on differentiating the CPU players more.

Hip Deep said...

I'd be interested in the test with the AIs playing a series of games to 10,000. Cautious vs. Realist, Realist vs. Reckless, etc. Maybe knock together enough code to do it outside of the full-scale game.