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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Got Badged!

Sweet!  The version of Onslaught that is hosted on Kongregate has been given some badges to win!  Two badges so far, one easy and one medium.  Have a play, win the points!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Directional Targeting: In Pictures

The newest feature of the game is Directional Targeting, which allows turrets to only pick new targets that are within a certain field of fire. Normally turrets will pick any target that is within their range, which is represented by a green circle around the turret:

To enable directional targeting, simply select the turret and press D to enable it. The range indicator will change from a circle to a wedge:

The wedge is lined up facing towards the mouse cursor. This turret will now only attack creeps that enter the green area. Once they carry on down the road, out of the green area, the turret will then ignore them. Currently this is set to a fairly wide field of fire. Pressing D again will narrow the range further:

Notice how it always aligns the wedge towards the mouse cursor. Pressing D again gives a very tight field of fire:

Pressing D once more will set the targeting mode back to normal, as shown in the first picture. To re-align the field of fire to a different direction without turning directional targeting off or changing the size of the angle, simply press Shift-D and the direction will point towards the cursor again:

To recap, press D to cycle through the directional modes (wide, medium, narrow, normal) and Shift-D to re-orient the angle towards the cursor.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bug Fixes

So the new version has been up for a while now and a couple of bugs have emerged which I have fixed:
  • Escape key now cancels the turret move process
  • Link flags are now shown properly on green turrets, for either wanting or offering link
  • Directional targeting arcs are now more accurately drawn
I have made one more important tweak to the way directional targeting works. Originally the direction was only for target acquisition. When an attacker went out of the arc of fire, so long as the attacker was still in range of the turret it would continue to fire at it. Now if the attacker moves outside of the arc of fire the turret acquires a new target.

In some regards this makes more sense, in other ways perhaps the graphics should have been updated to reflect this; showing the full circle of range and the slice that targets are acquired in as a subset of that. I'm open to all suggestions on how to do this.

For the moment these changes are only in the beta preview, which I'll make live in 24 hours.

One final change I have made is to the website, where if you try to access a page that requires a login (like the beta preview) you can now login and be taken to that page directly, rather than having to go through your home page again. A small change but makes things easier.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Loading Problems

This is to help people who are having problems loading the game. Every now and again I get lots of messages in my inbox from people who are going to play the game on the main site ( but the game doesn't load. The page loads fine but the actual game fails to load.

To explain, the page itself is hosted on my machine, the fact that the page is loading means your connection to my server is fine. The game SWF file (the actual game) is held on MochiAds' servers. Things are done this way because the game file is quite large and I can't afford all bandwidth costs of hosting the game on my server, Mochi kindly offer to host game files for developers for just this reason.

Occasionally the game file fails to load, for reasons unknown.  This could be because of ad blocking software or a random network issue, but in any case you can try accessing the game file directly:

Which seems to work fine in the event that the game doesn't load on the page.  Mochi are quite proactive about any problems with their network so these issues are usually temporary.

I have also added a few extra links onto the main pages; one to the Mochi hosted version of the game, one to a local copy, one to the game file itself and one to this blog posting for informational purposes.


Targeter loop bug problem solved

I believe that I have fixed the problem with Targeter turrets linking to each other in a circle and I have uploaded the fixed version to the beta preview site, so everybody can have a quick test and see if it's any good. Please play, check it doesn't explode and if it's good, I'll put it live tomorrow evening.


Bug fixes uploaded

So I've dealt with a pile of bugs (as outlined in the forum) and I think I've fixed all of them, with the exception of the crash that occurs when a loop of links is formed in Targeter turrets (eg when Targeter A links to Targeter B, to C and back to A). I know what the problem is and how to fix it, it's just a little complicated so will take a short while to do.

The new preview version also has all the new keyboard shortcuts enabled, so things are coming together now.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming Keyboard Changes

There will be some slightly different keyboard shortcuts in the upcoming version, tuned to make better use of the keys. The ones that are changing are the shortcuts for building turrets quickly. In the current version, there seems to be a fairly odd order of keyboard shortcuts, and some of the turrets don't have shortcuts for them at all. I've made some changes now so that the keyboard shortcuts are relative to the order that the turrets are unlocked in, and every turret has it's own shortcut.

These will be the new keyboard shortcuts, once the current beta preview has been published:
  • 1: Build a Cannon turret
  • 2: Build a Laser turret
  • 3: Build a Rocket turret
  • 4: Build a Tazer turret
  • 5: Build a range-up turret
  • 6: Build a damage-up turret
  • 7: Build a rate-exchange turret
  • 8: Build a range-exchange turret
  • Shift-1: Build a rate-up turret
  • Shift-2: Build a high-damage-up turret
  • Shift-3: Build a high-damage-up-exchange turret
  • Shift-4: Build a Targeter turret
  • Shift-5: Build a Sniper turret
  • Shift-6: Build a Fusion turret
  • Shift-7: Build a Railgun turret
  • Shift-8: Build a Combonly turret
The main rationale is to give every turret a keyboard shortcut and to have the order of the keyboard shortcuts reflect the order in which the turrets become available. I think it simplifies things but I'm open to any suggestions to make it better.

Apologies to Eli, you may have to update The FAQ :)


New Turret!

Gotta love the new turrets. This one is called the Targeter turret. It calls in long-distance fire support from any turrets that it is linked to. It works as a target painter for up to three linked turrets. When it is in place and targeting a creep it looks like this:

See the creep it is pointing at. It doesn't do damage per se but once it is joined to a few more turrets it can do more useful things. For example, drop a Targeter somewhere, select it and press J to start the joining process:

The red line tells you which targeter you're joining to. Move the red circle over the turret you wish to join to and it'll go green:

Finally click on that turret to join it to the Targeter. Any joined turrets are indicated by a line between the Targeter and the turret, shown when the Targeter is selected:

Quite sweet really. Then, when anything comes in range of the Targeter it will call in fire support from the linked turrets. You can join up to three turrets to any Targeter, joining any more will un-join the first one you joined. To un-join a turret, press J and click on that turret again.

Possible applications include linking to a remote combo cluster:

Which will cause the blue combo to fire when anything enters the range of the Targeter.

The next new feature is the directional targeting, which is available on any turret. Select a turret and press D to cycle through the directional targeting modes; wide, medium, narrow or full. When changing modes the angle will be set pointing towards the mouse cursor. To alter the angle without changing the targeting mode press Shift-D. This sets the angle to point at the cursor without changing the targeting mode:

Note the cluster bomb in mid-flight. The green arc is the normal weapon range, the white part is the extended range from a Ranger turret that is just out of shot.

So to summarise:
  • Targeter turret, press J to join it to up to three other turrets by clicking on them.
  • Directional targeting, press D to cycle through the modes, Shift-D to set the angle
For the moment these are available on the beta preview but once it has been well tested it should go up into the main game. Please test, play, fiddle and try and let me know how it goes!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Strategic guidance

I've added a new page onto the site:

Strategy Guides

If there's any suggestions or other online resources I could add to it then please let me know in the comments, all suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Beta Preview Update

So I've added the two new targeting changes to the beta preview page. I should mention that you need to press D to cycle between circular and directional targeting, and Shift-D will re-target the directional targeting at the cursor. As usual you can just press T to cycle through the target selection modes to get to 'oldest' and 'youngest'.



Feature inferno, canadian wonderland!

Hello you wonderful, shiny and lovely people :)

Just to let you know that I've been making a few more changes adding some new features to the development version which I hope to get up and running by the end of today. I'm adding:
  • Two new targting modes, 'oldest' and 'youngest'
  • Directional targeting, to all turrets
Why are these of any use? Well the first one, oldest/youngest targeting allows you to drop a turret close to the base and it will prioritise attackers that have been around the longest, and are henceforth closest to the base. This will stop them from getting distracted by newer attackers that are within range but less of a threat.

The second, directional targeting, allows you to setup a field of fire. You can tell a turret to only acquire new targets from within a slice of it's range, rather than the whole thing. Useful again for focussing the resources you have and stopping turrets from getting distracted.

Together these features allow your turrets to produce a much more controlled spread of firepower.

I'm currently working on a new turret as well. It's not a weapon turret but a support turret that can be linked to weapon turrets. I don't want to spoil the surprise so that's all I'll say on the matter.

I have also vastly improved the way the stats are reported to the Kongregate hosted game, which should allow them to put some badges on the game (finally...)

Anywho, just keeping you all posted, to let you know that I'm not dead and neither is Onslaught!