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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mod: Teaser Info

So to provide a little more information about what things you'll be able to mod in the new version. Initially you'll be able to modify all the aspects of the turrets, such as:
  • Initial damage, range and rate
  • Freakout ability and settings
  • Upgrade costs and levels
  • Weapon poison
If that proves to be straightforward to implement then I'll build in extra bits that let you modify cash, waves, combos and more. For the moment I'm trying to get the interface up and running but I have managed to implement one half of the turret mod mechanism.

When it's all finished you should be able to create, save and load your own mods that should completely change the balance of the game.

The driving idea behind the modding engine is to allow the players to tweak the game to better suit their needs. For example there could be a mod for basic players, a mod for people who like laser chaining, mods that provide better game balance, and so on. Fingers crossed I can make it simple enough for everybody to play with but there's a shed load of different variables that control the game, it's going to be a fairly serious job to allow them all to be tweaked :)

Still here...

I'm still here, honestly! I have been working hard on a bunch of updates to Onslaught, the most notable of which will be a modding system to allow tweaking of nearly all the game parameters, as well as a bunch of other tweaks and things suggested by the forum members.

I hope to have something available to play with in the next couple of days so hang tight!