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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiet, but not forgotten

Yes, I have been rather quiet of late but fear not, I am still in active development.  I am putting the final, long awaited touches to Net Zilch after a somewhat prolonged absence from coding.  So gird your loins, lock up your daughters, don't forget your toothbrush and brace yourself, Net Zilch is almost ready!

In other news, it was my birthday a few weeks ago!  I have made it to the sturdy age of thirty (dirty thirty).  Go me!


Hip Deep said...

Woo Hoo ! Will you post Net Zilch on Kongregate? Then you can hear everyone whine that the game is rigged for the other guy!

Chad Neu said...

Any idea on the ETA of Net zilch? My friends and I are REALLY waiting for it. We play dice ALL the time at our houses, but we'd play zilch constantly if there was a net version

Gaby said...

@Hip Deep: Hah, you understand the Kongregate demographic perfectly :)

When I push it live to the Mochi distribution server it will (should) automatically push it out to all other places where the game is hosted, such is the majesty of their fabulous CDN system.

I'm going to try and get a beta version up on the Playr site in a day or two. I have just made Playr logins work and I still need to make game password protection work but once that's running then it should be available to beta test.

ketty said...

I love to play Net zlinch. And also read about it. But unfortunately I lost it so can anyone give me it's download link??