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Sunday, June 07, 2009


I've made a few tasty tweaks to the engine now, mainly fixing some bugs and adding a few new features to the client before I update the server.  Now I have added:
  • Wings!  You'll only see them if you're playing against me
  • Instant rematch option.  I was getting fed up of having to start new games every time so I added a "play again" button to just play the same person again.  Very handy
  • Lobby happening in the background.  It was still making pops and noises and stuff whilst playing, that has been fixed
  • Some menu improvements.  Tweaks made to the logic of the menu screens has improved them a little.
  • Server enhancements.  Games are now handled more efficiently on the server.
I'm sure there's other stuff but that's the things I can remember, I'm sure there are more.

Today I have played against one Mexican, three Canadians, a Californian currently living in Italy and 2 people from London.  Oh, and one guy from Ireland too.


Peter said...

When someone enters in the chat the word "HI" the font used makes the word hard to read

Griff said...

Lovely updates =D You could also add like visual marks for seasoned players (like, a crown unlocked at 100 wins or so). Also, the font is a little hard to read sometimes. It also screws up the '='.

Robin B. said...

I have a couple of comments about the chat...

1. You can't use symbols... like "&" which is very useful when you only have a few seconds to type between turns!

2. It would be nice if the chat window hung around for a few seconds after the game ends so you can thank/congratulate your opponent and check if they want a rematch.