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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zilch Mobile for Android

It's been a while. my apologies for the huge delay since my last blog. My life has been somewhat dominated by long term medical issues so I haven't been able to devote much time to development. I am so glad I live in the UK and that my taxes pay for all the medical treatment I need. I would be dead 10 years ago if I lived in the US, that or living out of a cardboard box.

Aaaaaanywho, Kongregate have just released an app on the Android Marketplace (which has been pulled for the moment) and on the GetJar app market which allows owners of Android devices to download and play mobile versions of some of the amazing games on the Kongregate site. I was contacted in December and asked if I would produce a mobile version of Zilch to go into the app. I gladly did this and now Zilch is being played on mobile devices all over the world. It's only been a few days since the launch and Zilch Mobile has already had in excess of 20,000 plays! Go Zilch!

Considering it took me a couple of days to make the necessary modifications (remove keyboard controls, multiplayer code, make all buttons and text larger, etc) the process was surprisingly simple. The only gripe was finding where all the text was. This is one thing that I love about the way I built Zilch, despite the fact that I was changing loads of things in the visuals, I only really had to change about 20 lines of code for the vast bulk of the amends.

So all you developers with games on Kongregate, now is your chance to expand into the mobile space, show off your games to your friends in the pub or just make a little money from the shared revenue system. It's a lot easier than you think so just go for it!


JBBdude said...

I love the game, and got all the achievements on the web version ages ago. Minor issue though: on Kong Mobile, after one or two rolls, I have to press down on the page for the game to advance. Don't know if it's a device-specific thing or if the issue lies in Flash or Android but I haven't seen anything like it in any other app and it's getting frustrating.

quality said...

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LukeZ said...

Ooh, The wonderful UK, Where everybody has to work to pay for everyone else.

The US healthcare system sucks because its Obamacare.

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